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"Good Music is Good For You!"
That's Why I'm Happy to Teach Anyone Who Is Interested in Music
Sharing the Experience of Music
I began exploring music at a young age and my parents encouraged me to experiment. This opened a lifetime of enjoying all styles of music and a wonderful career as a professional musician and teacher playing the Oboe, English Horn and Piano. Let me share the enjoyable experience of music with you.

The Best Learning is Fun 
Good music is good for you, in every way! I’m happy to teach anyone, any age, at any level, who is interested in music. Actively learning to play an instrument and to read music improves the mind and feeds the soul, more than most any other activity. Plus the best learning is liberating, empowering, and just plain fun!
So I'll make learning music - including Piano, Oboe and English Horn lessons - a positive, low-stress experience tailored to your individual pace and learning styles using a variety of great music and methods. 

More Music for Your Dollar
If you desire music, I'll give you more music instruction for your money. One thing I've learned from almost 30 years working with students - a half-hour lesson is too short and a one-hour lesson is too long for most people. So I give my students a 45-minute lesson for the price of 30 minutes. 


Chopin Waltz in F Minor

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  more music lesson for your money!

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Lessons with Dr. Lazarus are a blast, and the best stress reducer I can imagine.
D. Holob, Lancaster