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Piano, Keyboard, Oboe and English Horn Lessons
 Where are lessons available?
I offer in-home lessons at my home, and also "your-home" lessons in Santa Clarita, Granada Hills, the Greater San Fernando Valley and Lancaster.

When are lessons available?
Let's find a time that works for you!

How long are the lessons?
Lessons are 45 minutes, an ideal block of time for learning.  Fifty percent more music lesson value compared to the standard 30-minutes offered by other studios and music stores.

Why 45-minute lessons?
After many years of teaching I discovered that 30 minutes is too short (you barely get going before it's time to stop), and 60 minutes is too long (attention, focus and embouchures wane). Forty-five minutes works best for most people, young or old. Advanced student lessons can go up to an hour at no extra charge!

What are the advantages of in-home lessons?
In-home lessons don't have the noise, distractions, and hassle of getting to-and-from that studio or music store lessons involve. And... my home has a gorgeous grand piano you've got to hear and try! Plus I have an eclectic library of reading material for parents to enjoy during lessons.

What ages do you teach?
From approximately six years old (piano) to “aged to perfection” adults.

When is my child old enough to begin Piano?
An eager 6-year-old or once your child shows clear signs of musical interest. This varies widely and cannot be rushed. Every child is unique. If you're thinking about lessons for your son or daughter, call me and let’s talk!

Am I too old to start music lessons?
Seniors: you're never too young-at-heart (or too old) to start! Do something nice for yourself. Piano keeps your mind sharper at any age. And did you know that nearly everyone who stops taking lessons as a child eventually restarts as an adult, even 50 years later! And... most say they wished they'd never stopped taking lessons!

What about starting the Oboe?
For oboe the best time to start is once you hit the early teens. But for adults, it is also (almost) never too late to begin, provided you are in good health, do not smoke or have serious lung problems.

Is Oboe hard to learn?
Oboe is one of the more “challenging” instruments to begin. But don't let that deter you or your child who is interested in playing the Oboe. That’s why you need an enthusiastic, expert teacher to make it easier, fun, and help you prevent any bad habits that could hinder your progress.

What levels of Oboe or English Horn do you teach?
For both instruments, and for music theory, ear training and tutoring, I teach beginning to college level, and have had great success in preparing students to major in music—and win scholarships! For me, there is no greater joy than helping a person grow in music, at any age or skill level.

What do you charge?
I'm fair, affordable, and offer more music lesson for your dollar. Please compare my fees with both on-site and traveling teachers (who offer less time) and you will know that I provide the best value for expert, one-on-one music instruction! Please contact me for a quote.

How do I schedule my first lesson?
It's simply. Whether you're ready to start or still have some questions, just contact me.

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