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"You're Never Too Young (or Old) for Good Music!"
Perhaps more than any other instrument, piano offers a world of possibilities for everyone, young and old, in countless ways! Please KNOW right now that there are thousands of rewarding pieces you can enjoy at every level, all just waiting for you to try. Life is too short to practice any one piece that you really don’t care for, when so many other fine pieces can offer the same steps for growth. And it doesn’t matter if you are right- or left-handed. With time, we will make you piano-ambidextrous. Yes you can!  

Oboe and English Horn
Many students start on another woodwind before delving into oboe. However, with the right teacher, you can do just as well starting “cold turkey” on the oboe. It is best to become very oboe-savvy before adding English Horn. It helps greatly not to have severe asthma or be a smoker. However, with a healthy instrument, reed and embouchure, you do not need nearly as much air pressure. Modern, informed oboe playing—like any instrument—is about ergonomics, not strain (work smarter, not harder).

Music Theory
Many people say “I can play by ear, but can’t read music.” Learning to read opens a whole world of great literature and gives you musical, intellectual, and creative independence. Like every field of study, music has its jargon or terminology. For most students I find this is best introduced only a little at a time, to the individual’s degree of interest or need. The nuts and bolts of music can be very abstract, but I try to make it easy and “real”. Are you college-bound?—or maybe “rebound”? Let me give you a solid foundation.  

Ear Training
Few people start out with any real sense of pacing, rhythm, or pitch. Yet with the right teaching, you will be able to maintain rock-solid pacing, read and produce complex rhythms, and know your intervals, scales and chords “blind-folded”. Ear training is for everyone who is serious about music: singers, arrangers, composers, performers in every medium. Ear training enables you to see what you hear, and hear whatever you see in music notation. Once you develop a strong rhythm repertoire and a solid ear for relative pitch, you will never again need anyone to play a piece first to “hear how it goes”. In fact, you will be able to hear and see exactly where and when another person is playing correctly—or not! It also triples your sight-reading or sight-singing skill level. Ear training gives you technical and creative “chops” like nothing else!

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Thanks for believing in me. You're a great teacher.
S. H. Chung, Lancaster 

Over the last three years Gordon has been an exemplary role model as a musician to my daughter... she's been inspired by him to strive for higher excellence in piano. We are grateful for his patience and professionalism. 
M. Magdaleno, Mission Hills 

Since I first started with Gordon last year I have learned many valuable piano skills. I am very thankful for his excellent teaching skill. I've also had many laughs with him! I have definitely progressed a lot since I began with him and I am very thankful.
S. Rossmango, Quartz Hill 



Gordon knows how to communicate in a way that makes he piano more user-friendly. I strongly recommend him.
K. Laumbach, Lancaster 

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 Gordon is an amazing teacher and we have a lot of fun in the lessons. I'm totally new to piano, but I really enjoy the class... and I'm learning. Thank you very much Gordon.
T. Tu, Lancaster

Dr. Lazarus makes a great music coach.
W. Pierce, Lancaster