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Piano or Keyboard
Perhaps more than any other instrument, piano offers a world of possibilities for everyone, young and old, in countless ways! Please KNOW right now that there are thousands of rewarding pieces you can enjoy at every level, all just waiting for you to try. Life is too short to practice any one piece that you really don’t care for, when so many other fine pieces can offer the same steps for growth. And it doesn’t matter if you are right- or left-handed. With time, we will make you piano-ambidextrous. Yes you can!  

How are you different than other teachers?
I am a professional musician - piano, oboe and English horn - and a credentialed music educator with over 35 years of experience. I adopt my lesson approach to each individual student's level and interest. I don't use boring "lesson books", but teach using real music. AND... I provide some of the music (to save you money while customizing lessons for each student). 

Where do you teach?
I offer in-home lessons in Santa Clarita, Granada Hills, the Greater San Fernando Valley and Lancaster.

When are lessons available?
Lessons are available most days or evenings. I try to be flexible so lessons work with your schedule.

How long are the lessons?
My in-home lessons are 45 minutes, an ideal block of time for learning.  Fifty percent more music lesson value compared to the standard 30-minutes offered by other studios and music stores.

Why 45-minute lessons?
After many years of teaching I discovered that 30 minutes is too short (you barley get going before it's time to stop), and 60 minutes is too long (attention, focus and embouchures wane). Forty-five minutes works best for most people, young or old.

What are the advantages of in-home lessons?
In-home lessons don't have the noise, distractions, and hassle of getting to-and-from that studio or music store lessons involve.

What ages do you teach?
From approximately six years old (piano) to “aged to perfection” adults.

When is my child old enough to begin Piano?
An eager 6-year-old or once your child shows clear signs of musical interest. This varies widely and cannot be rushed. Every child is unique. If you're thinking about lessons for your son or daughter, call me and let’s talk!

Am I too old to start music lessons?
Seniors: you're never too young-at-heart (or too old) to start! Do something nice for yourself. Piano keeps your mind sharper at any age. And did you know that nearly everyone who stops taking lessons as a child will eventually restarts as an adult, sometimes even 50 years later! And... most say they wished they had never stopped taking lessons!

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I highly recommend Gordon Lazarus for anyone interested in piano lessons. He is a kind, patient instructor, and anyone would benefit under his tutelage.  
R. Gutierrez, Lake View Terrace


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If you want to learn the piano, go see Dr. Lazarus. He's a fun-loving teacher who cares very much for his students.
L.Campos, Sylmar